Universally applicable, individually styled!

Synonymous with reliable and efficient lubrication technology, the Lubrimat L60 from Steidle has become our most popular lubrication spray unit. Thanks to a large selection of modular components, you can configure the Lubrimat L60 specifically to suit your specific requirements. So it is eminently ideal for wide range of different applications, as it has been for the last 25 years!

Over this quarter century, the Lubrimat L60 has consistently proven its versatility and ruggedness in customer facilities, often operating under severe service conditions. Reason enough to adorn this legend among Steidle MQL systems with an individual design in celebration of this auspicious anniversary! With the LubriArt option, you can design your Lubrimat free of charge on the basis of three different editions currently available, or – if you wish – apply your own motif.

LubriArt Edition Steidle

Design your own LubriArt®

Want to apply your own motif? In keeping with your corporate design, perhaps?

We also offer you the opportunity of individually customising your LubriArt – simply use our request form with upload function to do the job!