Learn more about LubriArt® L60

LubriArt is the design edition of the Lubrimat L60.
Technically, both units are absolutely identical. The only difference is that, with the LubriArt, the door of the housing has an eye-catching motif.
The LubriArt design upgrade in the standard housing sizes 200×200, 250×250, 300×250 is free of charge. With larger housing sizes (400×400, 500×400) and with custom motifs, a surcharge will be applicable (please contact us for more details)
The LubriArt for Lubrimat is available in the standard housing sizes 200×200, 250×250, 300×250.

Larger housings (400×400, 500×400) are available on request.

With your quotation / your order confirmation, you will receive a written advice if a LubriArt design upgrade is available for your Lubrimat.
If you receive a written offer for a LubriArt version together with your quotation/your order confirmation, then simply select the design for the corresponding size under “order” and enter the  order data.
You can currently choose from three free editions (Wood, Comic, Machine). The size of your housing will determine which motif from the edition is available to you. A custom design is also possible, subject to a surcharge (please contact us for more details).
An individual design is available for a surcharge (please contact us for more details).
Not usually. You can select your design up to one week after the order confirmation date.
We use a special adhesive-bonded laminate for the design that is rated for outdoor use. It offers good UV resistance and good adhesion. The digital print is resistant to our own oils and many other common lubricants.
The laminate adhesion process requires a perfect clean surface. Application to existing doors of old Lubrimats is not envisaged.
LubriArt® Wood Edition (Bspl.:Wood200)
LubriArt® Wood Edition (Bspl.:Wood200)
LubriArt® Comic Edition (Bspl.:Comic200)
LubriArt® Machine Edition (Bspl.:Machine200)

Discover the LubriArt® Editions


LubriArt Machine Edition


LubriArt® Wood Edition

LubriArt-Steidle-LA60-comic edition

LubriArt® Comic Edition


Design your own LubriArt®

Want to apply your own motif? In keeping with your corporate design, perhaps?

We also offer you the opportunity of individually customising your LubriArt – simply use our request form with upload function to do the job!